45 Days.

Alright, I made a decision.

March 1st is the beginning of Lent; and not that I’ve really practiced “giving up” something for lent in a while, I’ve decided this year will be different. March 1st is conveniently the beginning of a new month (the stereotypical perfect day to start something new) and Easter just so happens to be when I move into my new apartment.

I promise I didn’t do this on purpose.

Here’s what I’ve decided: I’m going to be more serious about the things I want to accomplish. Plus here’s the kicker – since I’m moving at the end of my designated timeframe, I have no excuse to NOT have stuff done. So here’s my plan, that I will be sure to document here each week just to keep myself accountable. I’ll start each new week on Sunday; since lent starts on a Wednesday (duh, Ash Wednesday) I’ll still give myself a goal or task to complete by Saturday.

I’m calling this: The Procrastinator’s Guide to Health, Wellness and the Pursuit of Moving this Shit Out FOREVER. We can call it The Procrastinator’s Guide for short.

Week 1 (March 1 – 4): Clean out my bedroom. Wash ALL of my bedsheets, clothes, towels, whatever can be taken to the laundromat and cleaned. Then get rid of the clothes I don’t wear or need, leaving and creating a capsule closet. Pack up clothes that are out of season (although this is Wisconsin, you may need your sandals and winter boots within the same 24 hour span).

Week 2 (March 5 – 11): Focus on nutrition/food. I’m starting out the week with my first nutrition appointment (I know I have a degree in it, but a doctor doesn’t do surgery on himself – he consults another doctor). Get on a better nutrition plan and stick with it.  Also – clean the damn kitchen.

Week 3 (March 12 – 18): Fitness. Start working out in the mornings before work twice a week. Try some new classes (like that hot yoga class you’ve had your eye on). Get into a routine of practicing yoga more independently.

Week 4 (March 19 – 25): Clean out the craft/junk closet. Get rid of things you’re not going to use – donate them to someone who will. In fact, finish that blanket you’ve been crocheting if you haven’t already. Also, continue to work out at least twice a week, try 3 if you can.

Week 5 (March 26 – April 1): Create a new budget. Getting to the time of moving out, review the budget you’ve created and figure out what to do that works best. With the few weeks of going through things, sorting things out – allocate funds to health bills, moving, organizing the new apartment, new things and future endeavors (i.e. that house Sean keeps talking about). Oh, and stick to the damn budget. Keep trying to work out in the mornings – your legs will thank you. Target run once a month, please.

Week 6 (April 2 – 8): Relax. I know this one is hard. It’s not easy to just sit back and relax when the next week is going to be crazier than… I don’t know, crazy stuff. Go get your nails done, get a massage, do something to help relax. Tensing up before the next stressful week isn’t going to help your pain levels. Ohh – take a long hot bath too.

Week 7 (April 9 – 15): Closing time. Say goodbye to the East Side, get everything packed up and ready to go. Make sure there’s a moving in box ready, cleaning supplies handy and everything is ready so there is no doubt you’re ready for this. Switch services and addresses for all accounts over to reflect the new address – including your license plate, prescriptions, and the other stuff you’ll undoubtedly forget (make a list – it helps).

So nothing is super restrictive, because I know if I demand myself to do something I know I won’t do it. I have so many random pains and aches that sometimes the only thing my body can do is lay in bed and rest. Overall – I need to take the next 45 days to listen to my body and take care of myself.

Things I need to do every week:

  • Keep things clean…er
  • Make strides towards moving, even if it’s not a lot or a huge dent
  • Eat out less – try only doing it once a week
  • If you choose to go to Starbucks, get a tea NOT a frappacino
  • Listen to your body, don’t push yourself so far
  • Go to Barre on Wednesdays. No choice on this one. Just do it.
  • Document how things are going – bad, terrible and absolutely horrible are options.
  • Take your vitamins
  • Get more sun: sit in a restaurant in the sun, go outside, open the windows – something.

Okay – I think that’s it. Here’s to the next 45 days.



Let’s start from the beginning:

I’m a stress-thriving, mad crafting thinker with a little time and a whole lot to say and accomplish. The future scares me a little and change isn’t always my best friend. I love lists and plans, but nothing ever turns out the way I think (except the one time I completely stuck to my grocery list for the week, but like I said, that only happened once). I spend way too much money and get mad at myself for the number that appears on my credit card app overtime I open it. I tend to be overly ambitious and expect way too much. My apartment is almost always (99%) a disaster; and not because I’m not organized, but because I can’t stand putting things away. I don’t like spending much time on things because I completely believe that if I can’t do it right the first time, I probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.

On a daily basis I have at least 12 different people telling me what’s right and wrong; what to believe and who to believe it; what my limits should be. Honestly though, I don’t think I have a limit because I’m pretty sure if I did I wouldn’t be applying for more schooling or researching for fun or watching documentaries on Netflix like it’s my job. I have to write when I feel it and when I think of something witty to say or I totally forget the best line I thought of in my entire life.

Why do you care though?

I don’t know; you’re the one reading my blog, aren’t you?